BME Hammer Mill

  • The BME mill’s yoke hammer system has proved its worth in grinding semi-hard and hard materials
  • Hundreds of “BMEs” are used in the refractory product, lime, plaster and agglomerate industries, limestone and dolomite quarries, coal mines, slate and ore mines, etc., and for processing a wide range of waste products: Metallic turnings, foundry dross and sand, bones, smoke discharge pipes, etc.


Electro-welded structure in thick ribbed sheet metal, fully protected by bolted anvil plates and armouring. Hydraulic opening from no. 7.


Made from thick sheets of special steel, perforated to suit the grain size required.


Generously dimensioned shaft, fully protected by disc sleeves and mounted on spherical roller bearings. Independent, balanced hammer holder discs and flywheel, forming a high inertia unit. Hammers made of manganese steel or special alloy steel. For certain applications, bolt-on wear pads are provided.



MachinesNumber of hammersDriving power
Entry opening*
Weight KgHourly throughput*
BME 2.044 à 7,5200 x 2254501 à 3
BME 2.155,5 à 11200 x 27510001 à 3,5
BME S4811 à 18,5325 x 40019003,5 à 8
BME S6822 à 37325 x 60027005 à 12
BME S81230 à 55325 x 800350010 à 20
BME S111637 à 75325 x 1100440015 à 25
BME S142045 à 90325 x 1400500020 à 30
BME D111655 à 110400 x 1100700025 à 40
BME D142075 à 132400 x 1400800030 à 45
BME D172490 à 160400 x 1700950035 à 50
BME Q1420110 à 200500 x 14001380040 à 60
BME Q1724132 à 250500 x 17001630050 à 75
* Can be modified for specific applications.
* Subject to change depending on the hardness, nature and density of the products ground.